USS Baton Rouge (SSN-689)




Built By: Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company
Keel Laid: November 18, 1972
Launched: April 26, 1975
Commissioned: June 25, 1977
Sponsor: Mrs. F. Edward Herbert

Displacement: 6200t surfaced, 6900t submerged
Dimensions: Length 360ft. (109.8m); Beam 33ft. (10m); Draught 32ft. 4in. (9.8m)
Propulsion: One-shaft nuclear; One S6G reactor driving geared steam turbines; 30,000shp = 30+kts.
Armement: 4 21in. (533mm) torpedo tubes Mk.67 - 22 Tomahawk, Harpoon SSM's and Mk.48 torpedoes
Sensors: Surveillance - BPS-15A; Sonar - BQQ-5, BQS-15, BQR-23/25 towed array 
Crew: 15 Officers, 16 Chief Petty Officers, 105 Enlisted men
Decommissions: September 18, 1993

"We are a free nation because we have always had the will to be prepared for any danger, no matter how frightening, because we have never lost the will to be free"
                                                             The Honorable F. Edward Herbert
Source: The New Illustrated Guide To The Modern US Navy by John Jordan; and others



Inside a 688 Submarine